Now you can do electricity meter reading at home, from NEA (

May Sun 2020 05:53:20


Now you can do electricity meter reading at home, from NEA (

Kathmandu. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has now made arrangements for the customers to read the electricity meter themselves. The NEA has made an arrangement for the customers to keep the electricity consumption score on their meters online as they could not go from house to house and read the meter due to the lock-down issued due to the corona virus.

To read the meter of your home through this system, the customer will type "" ( in the address bar of the internet browser and the homepage will open. Then the customer has to register for the first time. While registering, the customer has to put his mobile number and password in the username.

After logging in for the first time, you can login using the mobile number and password you have entered while registering. Then click on Add Consumer Bottom and fill in the customer details as per the instructions given in the Consumer Registration Form.

Filling in the details the first time will not have to be re-used the next time. After clicking on your customer number in the list of customers to be displayed there, in the online meter reading entry form that opens, you have to submit the number seen on the electricity meter of your home in the 'Current Meter Reading Field'.

You can also send a photo by clicking the browse button so that the meter number is visible. To show the tariff of electricity consumed after doing so. The tariff can be paid through various licensed service providers for online payments.

The customer will have to enter the actual number of electricity consumption in the online meter reading system.

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